Success Stories

testimonial_annethI have been running my own small business for many years and thought I was doing well selling on Amazon. However, after following the Easy Street Marketplace training course, I discovered that I was far from maximising the opportunities there are. With Karen and Becky's support and guidance I am now able to confidently navigate my way around the site and have found new ways of selling and promoting our products. As a result our sales and profits have increased dramatically and we now have a much wider customer base. Easy Street Marketplace continues to come up with clever and innovative ideas and as a coach, Karen's enthusiasm and patience is much appreciated.

Annette Robson, Lake District, UK

testimonial_jayaKaren and Becky are truly vested in the success of their students. I took the course and they were always there to answer any additional questions. I love their teaching style and I have learned so much from them. I highly recommend the course, it's changed my life and i now make a living being a Amazon FBA seller.

Jaya Patel

testimonial_melanieFrom Novice to Featured Merchant within a week! That’s how quickly I was able to find things to sell, ship into Amazon, and auto-pilot take hold. I have a busy life with young children and a part-time job, but wanted to take steps to start my own business, and on a budget. This course taught me all I needed to know. I love that I can go at my own pace, both with the course and with my business.

Melanie Avdeyev

testimonial_joeHi, my name is Joe Ritson and I've known Becky for more than 5 years. I wanted to add my two cents about making money with Amazon and working with Becky. I met Becky when I was online learning PPC. Becky was just trying to add more income streams to her Amazon business. I was there because I needed a way to replace my income and I needed to do it as quickly as possible. To make a long story short, Affiliate Marketing, PPC and CPA was going to take a considerable investment of time and was actually pretty exasperating. Becky offered to help me replace my income by teaching me about Amazon.

Am I ever glad I took her up on the offer! Not only did she teach me how to use Amazon, but I was able to replace my income. Just let me say that Becky's method was much easier and stress-free than so many of the make money online or work from home programs that you see out there today. I actually learned how to run a business out of my house. It wasn't long before I was so busy, especially during the holiday season, that there were days when I had to recruit other family members to help me. We quickly went from multiple deliveries to the post office and UPS each day to being part of a scheduled.

It took long days and even longer nights as I learned from Becky one step at a time. She didn't have a course back then, so it was trial and error and putting the cart before the horse. But I tried to make the most of her time, to ask questions and learn as much as possible. I've seen most of what you're going to learn. I know Becky has added some new techniques, and you get it all in an easy to learn format. If I could have had the choice between working all those long hours or being taught through a course, I would have jumped to take the course!

At the end of the day all I can say is: "Thanks Becky!" For anyone out there who is considering the opportunity that Becky is offering; grab onto it, pay attention and learn. Not only can you generate an income, but you just might make some great new friends. I've got a lot of stories and could go on forever, but what you really need to do is just sign up, have fun and make some money.

Joe Ritson

testimonial_zenjaI initially started selling on Amazon to earn extra income to help cover medical expenses for our young son. Even though I have been an HR executive for over 20 years, we still needed extra income. Thanks to Becky, and this course, I now earn enough to cover most of my monthly household expenses (including my mortgage). I am so grateful for the detailed training, and I love the fact that Becky is an established Amazon seller, not just a marketer spitting out information without any proof. I researched a LOT of so-called Amazon training courses, and this is by far the best! Thank you again for taking the time to teach me not only how to sell on Amazon, but how to study my competitors, buy directly from manufacturers, and how to grow my business. You all are simply amazing, and my family is very grateful for your course. I have now turned this into a full-time job. Thanks again!

Zenja Glass